Study 17: The 3 1/2 Years

The 3 1/2 years to come

The purpose of this study is to prove that there is a 3 ½ year time period described by the prophets. There are several scriptures that refer to a 3 ½ year time period. This 3 ½ year time is described in several different ways. In Revelation 12:14 the 3 ½ years are mentioned as a time, times, and half a time. In Revelation 12:6 the 3 ½ years are mentioned as a thousand two hundred and threescore days which numerically means 1260 days. And then 42 months is mentioned in Revelation 11:2. Each of these time segments equals the same amount of time. There will be a 3 ½ year time period in the future for God’s people and the rule of the Beast.

Daniel 9:27 is a prophecy about the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and is written in a one-week symbolic time period. He would be “cut off” in the middle of that week. At Jesus’ first coming he confirmed the new covenant for 3 ½ years and then was killed, which ended the physical sacrifices because Jesus Christ (Yeshua) was the ultimate sacrifice one and for all (Read Hebrews chapter 10). Jesus Christ fulfilled the first half of that week, or 3 ½ days, which equals 3 ½ years. However, there remains another 3 ½ year time period yet to happen because the prophecy in Daniel 9 says he will confirm the covenant for one week. Jesus Christ will completely confirm the new covenant. This 7 days or 7 years is broken in half and separated by the lengths of time spanning between his first coming and second coming. This 3 ½ year time period is prophesied about in Daniel and Revelation.

A summary that shows 1260 days, 42 months, and the phrase time, times, and dividing of time all equal 3 1/2 years.

Using a Hebrew lunar calendar of 360 days for a year, we can calculate that there are 30 days in a Hebrew month. Take the 1260 days and divide by 30 days of a lunar month and this results in 3 ½ years.

Study 17: The 3 1/2 Years

Revelation 11:1-3
There will be two witnesses who will prophesy for 1260 days. This is a future time period. The two witnesses will receive protection for 1260 days until the Beast makes war against them to ultimately kill these two prophets. In Revelation 11:7-13 the two prophets are killed and their dead bodies will lay in the street for 3 ½ days. Afterward, they will be called up to heaven in a resurrection.

Revelation 12:6-14
There is a place prepared for the woman where she will be fed for 1260 days. Also, this prophecy describes a time, times, and dividing of time where she is nourished and protected from Satan. This study will focus on the identification of a future time period that will occur which is 3 ½ years or 1260 days. There are no other references in the scriptures about these events in time other than in the prophecies for the future.

Revelation 13:4-5
The Beast is allowed to have power for 42 months. This is a future time that will happen. The focus here is that the Beast has power for the same time period as the two prophets who prophesy in Revelation 12. And for the same duration as the woman who flees into the wilderness.

Daniel 7:24-25
There will be a future time that will have a leader known as the “little horn”. This leader is also a spokesperson for the beast. The saints are given into his hand for time, times, and the dividing of time. Or, 3 ½ years. It appears that this is the same duration of time as prophesied in the book of Revelation chapters 11 and 13.

Daniel 12:7
The holy people will be scattered for “time, times, and a half”, which is the same length of time as prophesied in Daniel chapter 7 where the little horn has temporary power over the saints or holy people. It is a 3 ½ year time period.

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