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At Bible Research we diligently research the Bible. We ask our God in prayer for help to understand. We find the meaning of scripture that helps us to see the purpose of Christ’s message. We learn how to be better Christians, improving ourselves daily as we prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. You too can Ask, Find and Learn.

At Bible Research we are working daily to please God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We are heart-felt laborers for their Word, sharing and learning together. We have seen the hope and gained faith in the promises of a better world to come. Our site is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about our God and His Son.

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Why Do We Pray? This is an introductory study about the topic of prayer. The Bible teaches us why we should pray, what we should pray for, and how we should pray. Prayer is the unique and special way that we are able to communicate with our Creator. It is a special...

The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin

Was the Shroud of Turin really Christ's burial cloth? The Shroud of Turin is often given publicity as the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. It is a centuries old linen cloth, which displays the image of a crucified man. Many claim it is the image of Jesus Christ. The...

How Much Do You Really Need?

How Much Do You Really Need?

How much do you really need? And of what? Loving arms wrapped around you? A listening ear. A reflective tone. Understanding. Wisdom. Rest. Sleep. Prayers. Tears? Support and healing from the heart. Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no...


The Renewed Planet

The Renewed Planet

What will become of the Earth? Will climate change or mankind destroy the Earth?


Biblical topics and ideas of discussion that you may be interested in researching.

current events & prophesy

How does society, current events and Earth fit with the scriptures?

Self Improvement

How can we better prepare ourselves for Christ's second coming?


Explore the FAQs of bible study groups and answers found in the Bible.