Let Your Light Shine!

Sunrise3Christ spoke to his Disciples and told them that he has come as the Light into the world, that whoever believes in him should not abide in darkness (John 12:46). He who does the truth comes into the Light, that his deeds should be seen, that they have been done in God. Christ came into the world to do the will of his Father. He said the words which you hear are not his but the will of the Father that sent him (John 6:38). If you seek eternal life you must keep his words.

The Apostles, and Disciples, and the people that Christ spoke to, receive the words directly from the mouth of Christ. When Christ offered himself up as a sacrifice for mankind, he said I will pray to the Father and he will give you another comforter, a helper that may abide with you forever, the Spirit of Truth – the Holy Spirit – He will teach you all things and bring you into remembrance of all things that I have taught you (John 14:15-16).

This is that Light that dwells in each and every one of us. This is that Light which everyone should see by our example, our speech, our humility and acts of kindness and love for each other. It is a Light that should not be hidden.

Matthew 5:13-16
what good is it that you don’t let your Light shine? We have a burning desire to shine (for some of us). The more you think about being a bright Light in this world, the more you shine in this world.

Mark 8:34-38
we belong to Christ, not ourselves. We are purchased through a human sacrifice. If we deny the Christ and God, they will deny us.  What does it mean to deny you? Earthly desires like “keeping up with the Jones,” instead of doing what we want to do, making time for scriptures and being spiritual. Our priority is to make connection with God and the Christ spiritually. Practice studying scriptures, praying, or thinking spiritual.

Luke 11:29-36
A Light for the world. We have been given a job to help save lives; we need to do what we need to do to let our Light shine. As salt makes things better, with food, we are a lamp in the world. We are Christ’s image from the inside out. As long as we are walking in the Spirit, we should always do right.

Philippians 2:1-15
we should be unselfish Like Christ. In your lives you must think and act like Christ Jesus. Christ himself was like God in everything. Be the People God wants you to be. When you are around a humble person, it is great because that is some kind of Light. They may not be a believer, but by them being humble, they are part of that Light with you.

2 Corinthians 4:1-6
preaching the good news. We are vessels or lamps. What is the Light? The Holy Spirit is within us. The Spirit teaches us all things. Without this Spirit, we would not be connected to God through Christ, as the Spirit comes through him.

1 Peter 2:9-12
Live for God. We are a chosen generation. We need to shine our brightest for when he comes. It means more than words, it’s your lifestyle.

1 Peter 2:15
It is God’s desire that by doing good you should stop foolish people from saying stupid things about you.

Hebrew 13:20-21
The God of peace will give you every good thing you need so you can do what he wants.

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