Bible Prophecy and Messiah’s Coming


This bible prophecy analysis is about Jesus Christ (Yeshua, ישוע) and how he relates to the special festival days known as “Feasts of the LORD”. These events are found in the original Mosaic Law of God (Yahweh, הוה) in the scriptures of the Holy Bible written for the Israelites. The approach with this analysis is to understand the first and second coming of the Son of God. This means identifying the time when he first came to the Earth and appeared and was born as a man and then identifying when he will appear again in the future. The intent of this analysis is not to speculate about certain topics, rather, help identify evidence in the scriptures that reveal how the Son of God fulfilled the Feasts of the LORD when he first came and appeared to men and taught his disciples. These Feasts are known as the Spring Feasts because they occur in the Spring month Nisan (March/April). Then, we will look at options of how the Son of God could fulfill some of the Feasts of the LORD when he returns. The Fall Feasts occur in the Autumn month of Tishri (or September/October). These are known as prophetic fulfillments. Some people call these “greater fulfillments” because the activities kept under the Mosaic Law were performed as rituals and then when a future time came, these traditional activities that Israel performed came to be a fruitful event; a spiritual service to the LORD with a much greater significance.

While there has been a thoughtful and lengthy amount of effort put into researching the scriptures for this analysis, we recognize that prophetic understanding can change with the addition of more scriptural knowledge by the power of the Holy Spirit. The idea presented here is that if the Son of God represented the perfect sacrificial lamb for Passover then the same logic could apply for all of the Feasts of the LORD in that they could have a greater meaning. And how the Feasts of the LORD all relate to the Son of God. As the research unfolded, a recurring question surfaced: why would the Almighty God only have a greater fulfillment for just one of His feast rituals, like Passover?

An adjunct topic of discussion to this analysis is the relationship of the prophecy in Daniel chapter 9, commonly referred to as the 70 weeks prophecy because there are very specific time periods given to us by the prophets that align perfectly with the Son of God’s first coming and his future return. It seemed appropriate to include this prophetic content in the discussion to help emphasize the importance of understanding the Son of God, his fulfillment of the Feasts of the LORD, and the prophetic content of the scriptures, after all “…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10). For purposes of consistency the King James Bible will be used as a reference, but we encourage you to use other Bible translation versions to enhance your understanding. We like to be cautious and aware of interpretative biases.

It is with great admiration and humility that we give gratitude towards the LORD God of Heaven, and continually praise Him with thanksgiving because we are permitted to learn of His teachings and especially about the events surrounding His son’s first coming and second coming. Please join us as we embark on a journey of reviewing the events outlined in the scriptures which were written for our learning as we take in the teachings of the prophets and the Messiah’s coming.

We understand that understanding changes with maturity and growth through the help of the Holy Spirit. This analysis is considered a working document and with humility, we seek out the Truth in all things according to our Heavenly Father’s will.


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