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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

There is Always a Way

There’s always a way.
Even when you cannot see it.
Lord goes before you
Do you fret?
Trust and build your faith.
I will be with you always
When something seems impossible…
ASAP always say a prayer
PUSH pray until something happens
Prayer works. 
It keeps you connected, trusting, and humble in requests.
Think on the positive.
Heaven Thinking is Commanded
Build trust. 
It carries a lot of weight.
Trust with all tine heart
The Creator of all things knows exactly what we need.
Surrender yourself to Him.
Let God drive 
He will show you a way out
When the work gets tough,
Don’t run from the work.
Feeeeeeeel the work!
So that you can understand it. 
YHWH and Christ have compassion on us.
They require us to have compassion on others.
Show compassion 
Every human being
was created by Almighty God YHWH and His Son Jesus Christ. 
So, …
Do to others as yourself
That too is a requirement.
You can do it!
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