Sunday, 07 October 2018

Stay on the Lighted Path

In this age of heightened corruption and unrighteousness, we see a significant increase in dishonesty, deception, cruelty, and exploitation.

Stay on the lighted path.

Psalm 23.3

And don’t worry about the eventual demise of corruptness. It is promised.

The integrity of the upright will guide them,
But the crookedness of the treacherous will destroy them. Proverbs 11:3

Talk is everywhere.

On the news, at work, in people’s homes, discussion groups.

What’s in your circle of people that no one’s talking about?

Elephant in the Room

Conflict? A decision you don’t agree with?

A relationship? Something else?

Is it possible for you to suggest a solution?

You have unique thoughts, abilities, and skills, which can shine light on any subject.

What Makes You Unique

Consider what you have to offer in any situation.

Conflict is unavoidable. 

Sometimes it helps us grow.

But remember that the adversary loves to tempt those who seek righteousness.

So, before you get caught up in the elephant in the room, or begin to get swept into the persuasive pull of the world’s stories, take a moment to pull up, and pan out to get a wider view.


Assuredly, the evil man will not go unpunished,
But the descendants of the righteous will be delivered. Proverbs 11:21

Keep your hope flourishing.


Hold on tight to courage and optimism.

And to each other.

The righteousness of the blameless will smooth his way,
But the wicked will fall by his own wickedness.
The righteousness of the upright will deliver them,
But the treacherous will be caught by their own greed. Proverbs 11:5-6

Our ancestors endured much affliction, but kept looking forward and had courage to step up and speak out.

Almighty YHWH will take care of the big issues in the world.

Speak Up

Speak up and help others in your local circle. 

As good ambassadors of Christ.

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