The Church Is Not A Building

Although Jehovah’s/YHWH’s people, the Israelite nation, at one time had a physical tabernacle and later a temple for a place for God’s name to dwell in, the following scriptures should help to prove that God does not dwell in a physical building nor is a person required to worship in a designated building. Many references to the “church” in the New Testament show it is comprised of individuals who are working to know and follow God’s true word.

Today there are many different churches, ideas, and preachers from whom you can choose. Even the internet has changed the way humans learn. This Bible study highlights the fundamental point that a church is an assembly of people. The reality is that people who are gathered together to learn about God and His teachings are a church. Thankfully, to serve God can be very simple. It does not require a building made with hands, but merely the gathering together of people who want to share truth. A true church is the assembly of people. Here are some Bible verses that you may read to support this idea:


5. The Church Is Not A Building

Acts 17:24-25
God does not dwell in manmade buildings.

1 Kings 8:27
God does not dwell on earth. Although there was a physical temple at one time, it was a place for Jehovah’s name to dwell. See also verses 17-20 in this chapter.

Acts 7:44-50
Heaven is Jehovah's dwelling place, not a temple built by mankind.

Colossians 4:15-16
The church is comprised of individuals. It is made up of those working to follow God’s teachings wherever it may be.

Acts 14:27
The apostles Paul and Barnabas gathered the church together to talk about their shared faith.

Matthew 18:20
Christ describes how when two or three people are gathered together in his name, he is there also.

The Greek Dictionary in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is found under entry 1577 which means a calling out, or more concretely, a popular meeting, especially a religious congregation – assembly, church. Strong, James. (2001)King James new Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Thomas Nelson, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee.

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