Book of Life

Almighty God has been keeping a record. It is a book of names, a detailed list of all those who are to receive eternal life. Many books have been written about God's word, and many scholars have analyzed the Bible, but the Book of Life is the most important book. The book of life is not a physical book. Those people whose names are found written in the book of life will live forever. Actions committed by each individual are recorded; these will be brought into remembrance and used at a final judgment day. Everyone who has lived will be judged according to what is recorded in “the books.” Having your name written in the book of life ensures your entrance into Almighty God's righteous kingdom.
19. The Book of LifeBook of Life
Luke 10: 19.20
Christ to the seventy.  Names in heaven, in the Book of Life.  If you are following what Christ said and live it, your name is in the Book of Life 
Daniel 12: 1,2
They to everlasting life – Book of Life.  They to everlasting contempt – the books.  Saints didn’t put them into the Book of Life.  Many today are in the Book of Life.
Revelation 21:27
Christ being in charge – all judgment given to him – Lamb’s Book of Life
Ezekiel 13: 8,9
False prophets teaching his people wrong-won’t be in the writings of the house of Israel.
Exodus 32: 31-33
Power of forgiveness of sin is from Jehovah.  Transgressors will be blotted out.
Psalm 69: 27,28
If you don’t repent (change) you will be blotted out.
Revelation 13:8
Those that have their name written in the Book of Life will not be deceived
Malachi 3: 16-18
Those that feared and obeyed Jehovah.  This is talking of the Saints.  They are given judgment and they are his jewels (Rev 21:9)
Judgment Books
Daniel 7:10
All the writing complete and the judgment books opened.
Revelation 20:4
All things are recorded.  Get your name written in the Book of Life or Lamb’s Book of Life and keep it there.
Revelation 20: 12-15
There are books and the Book of Life.  All the works people have done are recorded.  Saints given all info from the books. 

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