Beast - The 8th World Power

Because there are many opinions and theories circulating about who or what the Beast in Revelation is, it's important for a person to take the time to prove what God's true ministers in the Bible teach about it. The concept of the Beast is not that difficult to understand with a little effort placed in comparing the scriptures. The Bible is quite plain in its explanation that the Beast is referring to a specific kingdom or government (Read Daniel 7:17 and 23; Revelation chapter 17). In the most basic of terms, the Beast is the very last government that will dominate the entire world before Jehovah God's everlasting and righteous kingdom (government) defeats that final oppressive rule. When the Beast does take dominion over the earth, it will be headed by the most ruthless of leaders ever known to mankind. That is why it is  necessary to learn about this now, so you will not be deceived into thinking that the Beast is the favorable thing it appears to be when it first comes into power.

Abomination Of Desolation
Matthew 24:15
This is a commandment from Jesus Christ to find out what Daniel said.  You can’t say you don’t need the Old Testament.  Holy Place-Jerusalem.
Daniel 11:31-32
Pollute sanctuary, take away daily sacrifice and place abomination all happening in the Holy Place.  Jehovah is calling the 8th World Power-Last World Power-Abomination of Desolation
Daniel 12:9-11
The wise will understand and wicked won’t.
23. The Beast - The 8th World PowerBeast
Revelation 17:7-18
Woman sits on a beast-8th World government with 7 heads (kingdoms) & 10 horns (kings). Vs. 7 Given to John when Rome was in power-it is the one “that is”.
Daniel 7:2-7
Four beasts spoken of: lion with eagle wings, bear, leopard and the fourth dreadful & terrible. Leopard has four heads and the fourth beast had 10 horns. These correlate to the 7th and 8th World powers in Revelation.  
Daniel 7: 17,23,25-27
Four beasts-four kings-four kingdoms. The fourth will rule the world with a destructive force. Rise from out of the earth-a certain location. Daniel couldn’t understand because it was for the last days.
Revelation 13:1-5
Beast was like a leopard, lion and bear rising out of the sea (people). Daniel 7
Revelation 13:11-18
False prophet (Little Horn/Evil One) causes fire to come down out of heaven. It causes everyone to worship the Beast except those with their names in the Book of Life.
1Thessalonians 5:1-6
Peace and safety. Who can make war with the Beast?
Daniel 8:23-25
Little Horn-ruler of the Beast.
Daniel 2:44
The Everlasting Kingdom

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